Cart Drawer/Slider For Dawn Theme

Looking to add a cart drawer/slider for your newly installed Dawn theme? Look no further and follow this guide!

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As you already know, cart drawer isn’t a standard ability on the Dawn theme. But guess what, I created it so you can enjoy it!

Here are all the main features:

  • Ability to switch between the standard dawn theme cart notification or the cart drawer
  • Ability to remove items within the cart drawer
  • Ability to change quantity within the cart drawer
  • Ability to go to checkout within the cart drawer
  • Is linked to the product page and the featured product
  • When clicking cart icon, it will open the cart drawer
  • Life time free updates
  • Life time free bug fixes
  • Constantly maintained and improved


All necessary files needing to install the cart drawer will be sent to your email automatically after purchase.


Guide on how to install is attached further up this blog, in an attached video

License Info:

Standard – Can be used multiple times, only to be active on 1 theme at a time.

Standard – Installation Help – As standard, as well as our team helping you install the code

Standard – Customization – As standard, but you would like customizations done

Developer – Can be used multiple times on many active themes.

The above guide was completed on an unedited version of the Dawn theme, downloaded on 28th of October, 2021.
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